Modern Art Center “Kulanshi”

Modern Art Center “Kulanshi” is a modern gallery located in the building of the Palace of Peace and Accord (“Pyramid”, the project of Norman Foster). In the Gallery with the premises of 880 square there is an operating lithography hall, where you can see the works of Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and modern masters of lithography from Germany, Great Britain and Poland.

Works off the most artists from Portugal, Turkey, Germany and Kazakhstan are in a constant display of the Modern Art Center “Kulanshi”.

There are fine art studios for children and adults. Everybody interested in drawing, painting and composition might get necessary Information about the Modern Art Center “Kulanshi”
Regular master classes in the Modern Art Center “Kulanshi” have a great success among students and young artists in Astana.

In cooperation with the Charity Fund “Bayta” the Modern Art Center “Kulanshi”gives a support to the children’s creative work by sponsoring annual children’s drawing contest “TughanJer” (Motherland”). In 2007 by the contest results artists of the International Art Club Kulanshi covered expenses of one year study of talented children (from moderate income families) of Art School in Astana and provided them with necessary art materials for their study.

Modern Art Gallery “Kulanshi” holds evenings with artists, lectures and seminars on modern art and decorative-applied art of Kazakhstan.



Tauelsizdik str. 57, Palace of Peace and Accord,
010000, Astana, Kazakhstan

tel.: +7 /7172/ 744 717
fax: +7 /7172/ 744 717
mob.: +7 702 510 57 20