International Center of Cultures and Religions

The international Center of cultures and religions is the organization subordinate to the Agency on Religious Affairs of Republic of Kazakhstan. It was created in accordance with the plan of action to implement the initiatives voiced by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the second Congress of the World and Traditional religions.

The Center began its work in the Palace of Peace and Accord since 2008.

The International Center of cultures and religions created in order to:

•  Promotion to the next level the role of Kazakhstan as one of the international centers of intercultural and interfaith dialogue;

• Dissemination of the centuries experience of peaceful coexistence and mutual enrichment of cultures of the nationalities living in the territory of Kazakhstan;

• Facilitate the formation of the level of spirituality, education and culture of the people of Republic of Kazakhstan;

• Enhanced cultural, religious and other contacts between the countries and abroad;

• Provide and facilitate the protection of the rights of the people of Kazakhstan to maintain and develop their culture, religion, language, identity and value system;

• Making recommendations of combat intolerance, xenophobia, religious persecution;

• Expansion of international cooperation in the prevention of threats of religious extremism and terrorism;

• Conduct extensive organizational work with culture and religion.

One of the major purposes in the multifaceted activities of the Centre is to promote the initiatives of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, and the establishment the effective and constructive cooperation with foreign organizations, putting forward initiatives to promote inter-religious, interethnic and intercultural dialogue. The Center is headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Abuov Aydar Parkulovich with more than 100 scientific publications in national and international publications. A.P. Abuov included in the Secretariat of the Congress of World and Traditional Religions, the Commissioner of the promotion the initiatives of the Congress.

The staff of the Centre was formed from among scientists, theologians, philosophers and political scientists of Kazakhstan.

For more information about our Center can be found on the Web-site:, about Congresses of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions:


International Center of Cultures and Religions

Palace of Peace and Accord

Tauelsizdik str. 57, Astana

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