Neferiti exhibition

The first exhibit was brought to the Palace of Peace and Accord under control of a leading archeologist and historian of Egypt Dr. Zahi Hawass.
A licensed copy of a legendary, beautiful Nefertiti’s bust from the Egyption Museum in Cairo was presented to “Pyramid of Peace and Consent” as a token of friendship and cooperation strengthening between Kazakhstan and Egypt, opening a new stage in relationship between the Palace of Peace and Accord and the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt in Cairo where Dr. Zahi Hawass is a general secretary.

The legends tell us that Egypt has never seen such a beauty. People called her the “Perfect”. All temples throughout the country were decorated with her face. But disappeared from history, as if she was a mirage.

In 80 years of the XIX century at the beginning of researches and excavations in the remains of Ahetaton (Modern Tell el-Amarna) up to the present moment no signs were discovered about the descent of Nefertiti. The information on the tomb walls about Queen’s family and grandee is the only evidence. The epigraph in the table-tomb and cuneiform of Amarn’s records helped Egyptologys to hypothesize the birth place of Queen. Modern Egyptology has several versions, in which each of them looks like truth, but the information is not proved enough to be true.

The original of the bust of Queen Nefertiti is kept in Berlin, Egyptian Museum and dated from 1351-1334 b.c, however true copy of the bust which was approved and certified by the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt in Cairo is a unique treasure of art itself.



Beginning of XIV century b.c

The Legend of the most beautiful and happiest Queen of Egypt pharaoh Ehnaton’s beloved and the only wife came up to the present time throughout centuries. But after the excavations of the XX centurya lot of legends about Nefertiti and her queenly husbands were appeared. However there is also a reliable information about her life, love and death.

It is commonly supposed that Nefertiti is not Egyptian. Her homeland is an ancient Mesopotamia, Mitannithe land of aria. One may say that she came to Egypt from the Sun. Nefertit’s nation-aria worshipped the Sun. Since a fifteen year princess Taduchepa appeared on Egypt land, God Aton cametoo.The marriage of Nefertiti with pharaoh Amenhatop III was a stroke of policy. A young, beautiful Queen was exchanged on a ton of finery, gold, silver, ivory and brought in Egyptian town Phoebe. There she was called Nefertiti and given to harem of pharaoh Amenhotep III. After the death of his father, Amenhatop IV took alien beauty by inheritance. By and by pharaoh fell in love with her. As a result young pharaoh dissolved father’s great harem and announced that his wife was co-regent. Accepting alien ambassadors and making sensitive contracts, he swore by the sun-god and love for his wife.

Temple of Aton was built from white stones. A construction of a new capital of Egypt- Ahetaton town (“Horizon of Aton”) begun. It was built in a beautiful valley between Phoebe and Memphis. Nefertiti was an inspiration to her young husband. Then pharaoh was called Ehnaton, that is mean “agreeableto Aton”, and as for Nefertiti- “Nefer-Nefer-Aton”. This name is translated very poetically and symbolically-Aton’s lovely beauty or in other words her face was like the sun.