The managing staff of the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” took part in the Presidential tests of the first President of Kazakhstan

At the stadium named after H. Munaitpasov passed presidential tests of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan among the staff and subordinate organizations “Department of Culture and Sports of Astana”.

On behalf of “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” took an active part, the Deputy General Director for Creative Affairs Shertim Nurdaulet Serikkuly and Deputy General Director for General Issues Mukhamedzhanov Sagadat Maksutuly.

The purpose of the sporting event propaganda and popularization of a healthy lifestyle, familiarizing residents and visitors of Astana with active physical training and sports.

This event is an exemplary example for further organizations and holding such sports events, maintenance of beginnings of sport and development of skill of sportsmen.

The organizers were the State Administration of Culture and Sports of Astana city, KSU “Directorate for Sports and Mass Events” of the akimat of the city of Astana .

This event is of great benefit for residents and visitors. Every year, we see how the number of residents and visitors of Astana is actively involved in sports. It is worth noting that the number of visitors to the audience is increasing every time.