A spectacle «Romeo and Juliet» was shown at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

07.02.2009 State Academic Russian Drama theater named after M. Gorky on the stage of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation presented the play «Romeo and Juliet» based on the play by W. Shakespeare in the production of the famous director of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan N. Asanbekov.
The play is a talented author’s reading of the famous Verona history.
Permeated with Shakespeare’s spirit, the play was based on associations, subtle nuances, humor (it’s not a tragedy) and deliberately «fake» modern techniques.
We invite you to the next bright theatrical composition «The Master and Margarita» M.Bulgakov, which will be held on February 16 this year at 18:00 hours.
Tickets can be purchased on online ticketon.kz, at the box office of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid) and the theater at Zheltoksan, 13.
Inquiries by phone: 87013213840, 87756369659.