The Republican Conference on the Day of Spiritual Concord was held at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation


       16.10. 2019 аt the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation there was the Republican conference «Spiritual consent - a guarantee of unity and stability». The conference was organized by the Akimat of Nur-Sultan. The event was opened with the welcoming speech of akim of the Nur-Sultan Bakhtiar Maken. Also, the Minister of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dauren Abaev, ignored the importance of preserving peace and harmony in the world.

      The conference was also attended by composer, social activist Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov, deputy chairman of the Assembly of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Yusup Keligov, deputy Nur-Sultan Miras Shekenov, deputy director of the Department of Interconception and Intercivilizational Dialogue Karlygash Kalilakhanova and others. Participants discussed the issues of interethnic and interconfessional cohesion, as well as of the most ambitious politician of Kazakhstan, based on international solidarity and solidarity.