The play “Othello” in the Opera hall ” Palace of Peace and Reconciliation”

On June 18, at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, you can see the Shakespearean spirit-imbued play “Othello”. The legendary tragedy of Shakespeare will be presented by talented artists of the state academic Kazakh music and drama theater. After K. Kuanyshbaev in the framework of the II international theatre festival “Astana”. The Director of the play is the people’s artist of Kazakhstan Talgat Temenov. This work of world classical heritage occupies a special place in the repertoire of the Kazakh drama theater.
A colorful and energetic performance tells about how a person is destroyed by anger and envy, how anger becomes uncontrollable, love turns into hatred, and a series of betrayals leads to a consistently tragic ending. On the stage, the actors will demonstrate the drama of a man who, having fallen into the trap of slander, unwinds the tangle of twists and turns exposing the truth. The artists of the theater will present not only the plastic embodiment of the idea of the great classic, but also the energy power of tragic conflicts.
“Othello” is a great work of Shakespeare, which depicts a terrible, truly amazing tragedy of a man who killed the most dear person and deprived his life of any meaning. Othello encourages us to look inside ourselves, to look into the eyes of our demons. The well-known story about jealousy and envy, intrigues and naivety, about defenselessness and cunning will not leave anyone indifferent.