Club the Funniest and Resourceful.

On April 3. 4. 5. 6  2018 at the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” the championship of Kazakhstan will be held among the cheerful and resourceful . This project unites talented young people from all over Kazakhstan. On this day, Astana will also be the capital for gay and resourceful! Our country is full of talents. The best teams from all over the country will take part in this championship. Witty humor, instant resourcefulness, this project will give residents and guests of the capital a good mood and an unforgettable positive. STRUCTURE:
On April 3rd games of group “A”
On April 4th games of group “B”
On April 5th games of group “A”
On April 6th games of group “B” Author and project director: Honored worker of the RK Tursynbek Kabatov NEW DIRECTION, NEW RESPIRATION, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, NEW LEAGUE!